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Leah Estelle

*Message from the Maintainer*

I was informed by a fellow LJer that the term "etmyology" was being used wrongly for this forum, and she's right. I do study etmyology, as well, but there is a more proper term for what this forum is about: onomastics.

from dicitonary.com:
on·o·mas·tics ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-mstks)
n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)

1.) The study of the origins and forms of proper names.
2.) The study of the origins and forms of terms used in specialized fields.
The system that underlies the formation and use of proper names or terms used in specialized fields.


onomastics n : the branch of lexicology that studies the origins and history of proper names.

Here's the deal: I leave it up to the community to make a decision on whether or not you want to stick to just onomastics, or broaden it to etymology and/or lexicology on a whole. Give me some feedback. When I get the majority of answers, I'll change the user info.

Thank you to littlebirdhouse for recognizing my blunder and reporting it.

*Leah Estelle*
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