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Hi, I'm Milica. I have varied interests, but a large one is names. I like knowing what they mean and how that applies to a person. My name is Milica Caryl. My nickname is Missy. My first name is Slavic and my second is Welsh. I was named after a couple friends of the family. Through my research I've come up with some different meanings for Milica. They include "hard worker" and "ruler", but I haven't found much back up for that. I already know that Caryl is a version of Carol and means "melody" or "song", but I was wondering if anyone here had insight into Milica. The name is rare enough that it didn't even get a ranking in my state's census. In fact, I'm the only one at my university of students, staff, and faculty with it. If it helps any, it's said "Mill-itz-ah" with emphasis on the middle syllabal and a slight carry over of the "l" to the "itz" and my namesake's parents were from Yugoslavia. Milica has also been used as a last name and possibly a male name, too.

If you can't help, I'll understand. I've spent hours upon hours trying to find it.

ttfn,Milica, aka wickd
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